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Written on Purpose is a full-service writing services and communications company. Our mission is to take the worry out of writing by translating your voice into words that resonate, make an impact and achieve the purpose for which they were written. 
If you've been seeking a safe haven for the words that tell your story or drive your business, you've reached your final destination. Let Written On Purpose focus on taking your written communication to new heights, so you can focus on the rest. Let's make magic!
Your voice, our words.
"The message I had in my head was brought to life and organized in a clever, compelling way. This gave me peace of mind and helped me achieve my business goal above expectation. Best of all, it was seamless and easy!"
- KL Moore, Owner, KL Image Group

"The media project I requested of Written On Purpose was a small one, but Ellena's professionalism and attention to detail blew me away. Once it was in her hands, I didn't have to give it another thought."

- Simon T. Bailey, author of "Release Your Brilliance" 


Our name and reputation are built on a foundation of trust. Protecting your privacy is especially important. For that reason, Written on Purpose or subsidiaries or affiliate companies will never collect, maintain, use or disclose personal information of clients through our website or online services. This Policy does not apply to websites and services that display or link to different privacy statements. Websites and services co-branded with other partners may display or link to a joint privacy statement or separate privacy statements of our partners in addition to our Policy.
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Growing up I learned quickly of the extraordinary power of words to heal, inspire, teach and take me to far away places. I believed words were magic! 

Adulthood has taught me that a meaningful, impactful sequence of words purposefully written can change a life, save a soul, make a business soar and impact our world in profound ways. Whether written, spoken or artistically interpreted,
now I know words are magic.
-Ellena Balkcom, Owner/Writer
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